EuroMarine Role

EuroMarine fulfills a niche in the marine scientific sector because of its broad coverage of disciplines and openness to emerging fields of work, its bottom-up inclusiveness, and its ability to dynamically assemble multidisciplinary teams of leading marine scientists from around Europe (and beyond in emergent and developing countries) to help tackle current and emerging issues and challenges in the marine domain.

Given the above, EuroMarine is a strong addition to the landscape, with its own distinct character but also strong complementarity to other networks and initiatives for which links are already established and future interactions will be sought.

EuroMarine funds scientific, training or mobility activities aimed at bringing together teams to share, collaborate and collectively push boundaries. It should be emphasised that EuroMarine does not directly fund research projects (it is not a funding agency).

Once the legal entity is established, EuroMarine may engage in projects or manage external funds on behalf of its whole membership if appropriate.