Lipids in the Ocean: Structure, function, ecological role and applicationsInternal

Activity Overview

Type: Foresight Workshop
Start Date: November 17, 2018
End Date: November 19, 2018
Host: UBO
Venue: Institut Universitaire Européen de la mer – Université de Bretagne Occidentale
Contact: Philippe Soudant
E-mail: soudant [at]
Funding Call: EuroMarine 2018 call for FWS and WG proposals
Total Budget: €36,850
Funds Granted: €5,000

Specialized meetings on various aspects of marine sciences on one side and lipidomics on the other already exist and respond to their respective specific needs. However, the structure of the community is such that there is often no space left for comprehensive discussions of lipidomic issues, apart from specific sessions during broader marine sciences meetings. Similarly, during lipidomic events, marine scientists tend to only meet opportunistically and have little hope of reaching the critical mass necessary to organize a session specifically dedicated to broad marine science questions. It is crucial to provide a specific space to articulate the comprehensive analysis of lipids in the marine environment and the broad perspective on biological, ecological and biogeochemical processes.

These international conferences and associated workshops will provide this space, and will reinforce the European position on marine lipids in more global scientific questions ranging from the cellular level to the functioning of marine ecosystems. It will help to better connect researchers who are studying the very specific biochemical and physiological roles of lipids and those interested in their effects on energy flows in food webs, fish production and human health. Workshops will be organized to stimulate the construction of international collaborative projects and to push the boundaries of knowledge on marine lipids and their applications.

The workshop also strives to support young scientists in the field by covering the cost of attending for selected young scientists and offering a discounted student fee.


Across four workshops and eleven conferences, this programme will focus on several key topics, including lipid structure and function at cellular and sub-cellular levels, recent advances in lipid analytical chemistry, compound-specific stable isotope analysis, lipid involvement in trophic ecology, biogeochemical sources, lipids in finfish and shellfish aquaculture, influence of global change on marine lipid synthesis and fate, as well as benefits and applications of bioactive lipids and omega 3 fatty acids.


The outcomes of these workshops and conferences will be:

  1. A paper on biotechnology and bioactive lipids
  2. A paper on the roles of lipids in marine ecology, aquaculture and ecosystem functioning
  3. Various participant papers (on a voluntary basis)
  4. An international conference cycle on marine lipids


The conferences and associated workshops are expected to improve the visibility of international research on marine lipids, raise the prospects for the development of future international projects, facilitate inter-laboratory international mobility of researchers as well as students to access new skills and technical platforms, and to increase collaborative efforts and provide new perspectives aimed at the creation and expansion of major joint research projects.