ParaFishControl final conference

The H2020 project ParaFishControl, which examined and developed strategies to control parasites in aquaculture farms, will be holding its final conference on 11 March 2020. 

This conference will not only summarise the findings and outputs of the project, but will also present attendees with access to the latest information on emerging and newly-established tools and strategies for diagnosing, preventing and treating parasitic diseases in farmed fish.

AMEMR Conference 2020

The 6th Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research (AMEMR) Conference will enable interdisciplinary discussion among stakeholders and modelling, observational and experimental  scientists and students who want to contribute to the conceptualisation, design, development and application of improved and new marine ecosystem models.

The conference will include cross cutting presentations on a wide range topics including sessions on The Making of Models; Connected Systems; Models, Data and Analyses; and Science and Society.

7th European Marine Board Forum: Big Data in Marine Science

The Forum is one of the European Marine Board's principle approaches for bridging the gap between science and policy. The event will bring together scientists from diverse backgrounds, including marine science and computer scientists, as well as representatives from industry and European and national policy makers to collaborate and discuss priorities for the use of big data in marine science to work towards solutions to societal challenges.