Seas, Oceans and Public Health in Europe Conference

The Seas, Oceans and Public Health in Europe (SOPHIE) Conference will showcase the findings of the two-year SOPHIE project and launch the Strategic Research Agenda for Oceans and Human Health research in Europe.

Running over two days at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, the conference will present conclusions from the various project work streams to a forum of international stakeholders.

Further details will be available shortly.

Open Science FAIR Conference

The second edition of the Open Science Fair will take place in Porto (Portugal) in September.The OS Fair Conference will critically showcase the services, e-infrastructures, policies and practices required for the transition to Open Science.

For more information on the event, including registration, please visit the website via the link below.



The 5th International Marine Connectivity Conference (iMarCo2019) is to be held at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, September 23-25, 2019.

49th WEFTA Conference

The 49th West European Fish Technologists Association (WEFTA) Conference will take place in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands in October 2019. The WEFTA conference provides a platform for food scientists, PhD students and fish processing industries to present their latest research achievements and share valuable experiences in the field of fish industry and aquatic products, quality and safety. This year's theme is 'Blue Value Creation, Bioeconomy, Health and Safety'.

Submissions for communications are invited for the following areas: 

International Conference on Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region

The international conference on 'Climate change in the Asia-Pacific region: from environmental aspects to socioeconomic impacts' will take place in Quy Nhon (Vietnam) in March 2020. The conference will focus on interdisciplinary studies, and will regroup specialists from all of the disciplines involved in the study of climate change impacts. The components of the regional socio-environmental system are strongly interconnected, with interactions within the climate system, as well as between environment and society.

CHEERS Conference 2019

Environmental global changes are occurring at unprecedented rates and scales. Worldwide studies and monitoring programmes have been collecting data that should be analysed in order to put in evidence long-term trends and to explore spatial and temporal comparisons.

Congress of Young Marine Scientists

The 2nd International Congress of Young Marine Researchers will be held in Malaga (Spain) this October. The Congress, organised by and for young marine researchers, seeks to promote and bolster the research from young scientists into the marine field in order to generate a meeting space among different marine related disciplines, building novel synergy and cooperation among participants.

54th European Marine Biology Symposium

The 54th European Marine Biology Symposium will be held in Dublin, and is hosted by University College Dublin in the state-of-the-art O’Brien Centre for Science. 

2019 is the International Year of the Salmon, a fish that has a special place in the mythology of Ireland.  Look out for salmon throughout the scientific and social programme.

In addition to the traditional general session covering any and all aspects of marine biology, we will focus on the follow themes:

Blue Growth