Invasive Alien Species conference

November 10, 2016 13:00-15:00 ASP A3H1 Members of the European Parliament Ricardo Serrão Santos and Pavel Poc will bring together scientists and politicians to discuss the Invasive Alien Species (IAS) issue in Europe. Objectives of the event are (i) to hear the scientists about current trends on the marine and terrestrial IAS while identifying threats and opportunities, and (ii) to discuss potential gaps in the current legislation and to propose solutions.

For details on how to apply please see the event flyer.

World Conference on Marine Biodiversity (WCMB) 2018

The 4th World Conference on Marine Biodiversity will be held in Montréal, Québec, Canada, from May 20-23, 2018. This meeting will bring together scientists, practitioners, and policy makers to discuss and advance our understanding of the importance and current state of biodiversity in the marine environment. Through a mix of keynote sessions, contributed talks and posters, and bookable venues for focused meetings, the conference program will address marine biodiversity across a deliberately wide range of relevant sectors.

19th International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems

The ICBECME 2017: 19th International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems.

Coastal Dynamics 2017

The Coastal Dynamics conference series advances the community's understanding of recent applied and basic research concerning coastal waves and currents, interactions between wind, water and sediments, and morphology changes in different morphological environments (with and without structures) such as sandy, rocky, and muddy coasts, inlets, and estuaries.

The conference documents research and applications treating these coastal dynamics at the short, medium, and large/long spatial and temporal scales of the climatic drivers and coastal responses.

2017 Conference of Maritime Spatial Planning, Ecosystem Approach & Supporting Information Systems

European seas have legal instruments that provide the framework for maritime spatial planning (MSP 2014/59/EU), framework on marine strategies (MSFD 2008/56/EC), framework on marine and maritime information management and open data access (INSPIRE 2007/2/EC within SEIS; Marine Knowledge 2020 within Integrated Maritime Policy).

Time series analysis in environmental science and applications to climate change

Times-series analysis is the future for environmental sciences to understand natural processes and their dynamics. To support these technical developments, the “Time series analysis in environmental science and applications to climate change” will be held in Tromsø from 8-11 November 2016, with the objective of promoting transfer of knowledge between researchers from various environmental fields. These objectives will be achieved by both training courses (8-9/11) and conference (10-11/11) presentations based on application examples and actual case studies from field experiments.

Silicon, Silica & their Isotopes: Biology, Biogeochemistry & Biotechnology

The IBIS-2017 Conference "Silicon, Silica and their Isotopes: Biology, Biogeochemistry and Biotechnology" aims to share and discuss recent advances and discoveries in:

1) Biological and molecular processes involved in the production of biogenic silica.

2) Ecological and biogeochemical mechanisms behind silica fluxes and stocks in continental and marine ecosystems, including paleo-ecosystems.

The 11th Baltic Sea Science Congress “Living along gradients: past, present, future”

The biennial Baltic Sea Science Congress (BSSC) was established 20 years ago, joining the research communities of Baltic Marine Biologists, Baltic Marine Geologists and the Conference of Baltic Oceanographers and is, until today, the main international forum addressing a broad interdisciplinary spectrum of Baltic Sea research.

2nd International Conference on Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning

This conference will take place from 15 - 17 March 2017 in UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France. During the Conference, there will be the possibility to exhibit at the UNESCO Headquarters in the main Foyer/Pas Perdus.

The agenda include a welcome by Vladimir Ryabinin and Karmenu Vella, talks on the World-wide status and trends of MSP, lessons learnt from countries and engaging stakeholders in MSP.