Call to Organise and Host 5th Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World in 2020

Bids are requested to organize and host the 5th Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World in 2020. The symposium will maintain its traditional focus on ocean acidification and associated impacts on marine organisms, ecosystems, and biogeochemical cycles. Ocean acidification will be considered in combination with other global changes such as warming and deoxygenation. Contributions are expected to detail advances in observations, modelling, field and laboratory studies.

EMSO ERIC Transnational Access Call

EMSO ERIC has announced its first call for transnational access. The objective of this call is to offer free-of-charge access to three EMSO ERIC facilities where external measuring systems can be installed, including instruments, systems, new technologies and where new procedures/experiments can be tested/take place. The list of observatories offered for TNA are designed to offer the broadest scientific and technological capabilities to future users in the framework of TNA.

Call for Strategic Start-up Actions on Blue Growth in the Mediterranean

The BLUEMED Call for Strategic Actions (CSA) is pleased to announce the opening of its Call for Strategic Start-up Actions. The call is open to entities who are willing to partner up with at least three other organisations from different countries, including one non-EU country and one private enterprise, to conduct a series of meetings leading up to a feasibility, foresight or pilot study on topics that are crucial to the future of Blue Growth in the Mediterranean, driven by the BLUEMED Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

IMBRSea Call for Thesis Research Lines

This year, around 100 students started the International Master in Marine Biological Resources (, the follow-up of EMBC+. In the programme, students are obliged to do a thesis in the spring of 2019. With this call for thesis lines, students will have to conduct thesis work in their fourth semester. Interested institutes should propose suitable research thesis lines within their institute. A research line is considered as a broad research field in which you would be willing to accept students for specific thesis projects.

IMBRSea Call for Professional Practice Topics

In the past month, 92 students have started the IMBRSea programme, titled 'International Master in Marine Biological Resources' students re expected to do a Professional Practice in spring 2018, and so IMBRSea are looking for institutions who are interested to offer opportunities. The aim of the module is to facilitate a chance to gain experience in a professional environment to assist students in making an informed decision concerning their career path.

Ideally, a Professional Practice will take place between the beginning of April and the end of June 2018. 

Marine Infrastructure Call 2017

The Marine Institute has announced the launch of a €2m Marine Infrastructure Call 2017, with awards of between €20,000 and €200,000. The call was launched by Minister Creed, and it aims to raise the performance of the marine research and innovation community across all areas. 

The value of funding awarded depends on the scope of the successful applications. Applications for equipment for less than €20,000 will not be accepted.

ERA-PLANET Joint Transnational Call

This is a transnational call for collaborative projects.  The call is open to ERA-PLANET beneficiaries. It will use a two-step selection process to choose the most innovative and competitive proposals related to four specific themes:

  • Smart cities and resilient societies
  • Resource efficiency and Environmental management
  • Global changes and Environmental treaties
  • Polar areas and Natural resources

The call is now entering its second stage, with the first stage having concluded.