Participation in surveys

Survey: Participate in the evaluation of the current European panorama of research infrastructure services

The Newly launched project CatRIS (Catalogue of Research Infrastructure Services) is inviting participants for its survey which is tailored to a wide spectrum of RI users and stakeholders. 

CatRIs will build an online catalogue of European research infrastructure services, with particular emphasis on physical infrastructures. This novel information gateway will help improve the visibility of services, enhance RI usage and impact, and foster European and international collaborations. 

Survey: Evaluation of the European Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)

The purpose is to evaluate the performance and functioning of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet). The findings of the evaluation will be used to guide activities undertaken in support of marine knowledge in the remaining years 2019-2020 of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and to feed into the preparatory process for a possible follow-up post 2020.

Survey on Scientific Divers (2018-2019 Edition)

The EU project Green Bubbles is seeking scientific divers to complete a questionnaire for research purposes. The survey will help to outline the profile of scientific divers and the main methodologies they apply. Results of this survey will be made publicly available to improve and update the training of scientific divers, to enhance international collaborations and increase safety at work.

EuroMarine Young Scientists Working Group: Survey for Young Marine Scientists

The Young Scientists Working Group (YSWG) has created a survey to understand the professional context, motivations and concerns of early career researchers within the marine sciences. The overall aim of the YSWG is to increase knowledge about current issues concerning early career scientists' working environment, financial situation and future perspectives in science.

IPBES Scenarios Survey

The intent of this survey is to collect input for the short and long-term work on scenarios and models by the IPBES Expert Group on Scenarios and Models and the wider scientific community, which will in turn provide information on relevance of policy and management options to promote biodiversity, nature’s contributions to people and human well-being.

Deep Ocean Observing Strategy Survey and Report Review

The Deep Ocean Observing Strategy, or DOOS is a Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) Project focused on the creation of a strategy or the development of a common statement of requirements and an initial strategy for sustained global deep ocean observations; considering all Essential Ocean Variables, regions, and technologies so as to extract high impact, feasibility, and GOOS fit-for-purpose actions for the next 5-10 years.