Joint EuroMarine-EMBRC 2020 call for proposals

In 2020, EuroMarine and EMBRC jointly launch a new call offering access to EMBRC services to early career researchers affiliated with a EuroMarine member organisation. 

Covid 19 crisis note: The call is progressing as planned and the submission deadline is maintained (because information needed to build proposals is available online).
elected projects will get supported, even if the service provision period needs to be extended. Visits will be rescheduled when necessary.

AquaExcel2020 17th Call for Access

The AQUAEXCEL2020 project invites proposals from European research groups for scientific research that utilises the facilities of any of their participating aquaculture research infrastructures. The AQUAEXCEL2020 project unites major aquaculture experimental facilities with capacity to undertake experimental trials on a selection of commercially important fish aquaculture species and system types. 

EUROFLEETS+ Remote Transnational Access Programme

The Remote Transnational Access (RTA) Programme will provide researchers with remote access to samples or data from any of the state-of-the-art research vessels (RVs) offered within EUROFLEETS+. This remote access will allow sample or data needs to be addressed remotely, when this can be accomplished with one day of ship time.

For more information on the programme, including how to apply, please visit the EUROFLEETS+ website via the link below.