Call for expression of interest for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships, GMIT (Ireland)

The Marine and Freshwater Research Centre (MFRC) at the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) offers to host highly motivated, experienced researchers who wish to apply for a Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship in Ireland.
The Marie Curie Individual Fellowships (MSCA IF) is a European funding programme that supports mobility and career development. It offers competitive salary, mobility and family allowances and research costs. The Fellowship may last 12-24 months.

Second AQUAEXCEL2020 Call for Access Now Open: Fully EC-Funded Access to Top-Class Aquaculture Research Infrastructures

The second AQUAEXCEL2020 (AQUAculture infrastructures for EXCELlence in European fish research towards 2020) Call for Access is now open.On a regular basis, the AQUAEXCEL2020 project will invite proposals from European research groups for scientific research that utilises the facilities of any of the participating aquaculture research infrastructures. The AQUAEXCEL2020 project unites major aquaculture experimental facilities with capacity to undertake experimental trials on a selection of commercially important fish aquaculture species and system types.

EuroMarine 2016 Call for Proposals


In 2016 EuroMarine launches a single call for four categories of activities.

In order to maximize the number of Member Organizations (MOs) that will receive funds under the 2016 call, EuroMarine limits its financial contribution to successful activities to the below-specified maximum levels. Applicants are asked to find co-funding when necessary.

The elegible categories of activities and corresponding funding levels are as follows:

EuroMarine 2015 Call for Proposals


In 2015 EuroMarine launches a single call for several categories of activities (to be carried out in 2015 or 2016).

The budget initially allocated to the call amounts to 100,000 €. (The EuroMarine Steering Committee might decide to increase it at a later point and within the limits of the overall budget.)

In order to maximize the number of MOs that will receive funds in 2015, EuroMarine limits its financial contribution to successful activities to a maximum of 7.5 k€. Proposers are asked to find co-funding.

BNP PARIBAS Climate Initiave - Call for projects 2016

Since 2010, the BNP Paribas Foundation has supported climate change research through its Climate Initiative program. The goal is to understand and anticipate the impact of climate change on our environment as well as local populations around the world.

The purpose of this call for projects is to select 4-7 research projects that will help improve our understanding of issues relating to climate change. The projects will receive financial support from the BNP Paribas Foundation for a period of three years (2017-2019).