EuroMarine logo 2015 Call for Proposals

EuroMarine 2015 call for proposals opened on 18 April and closed on 30 June 2015. The outcome was announced to all proposers on 17 October 2015 (ahead of the initial target of 20 October).

The EuroMarine Steering Committee (in charge of the call procedures and the final moderation process) wishes to thank the 34 proposers, as well as the 56 referees from EuroMarine organisations who made the call possible and contributed to a robust referring and selection process.

Outcome of call

EuroMarine members submitted 34 proposals requesting co- or full funding for:

  • 16 foresight workshops (FWS)
  • 7 working group meetings (WGM)
  • 9 capacity building and training activities (CBT)
  • 2 other miscellaneous activities.

Fifty six of the sixty scientists from EuroMarine Full Member Organisations (MOs) who had volunteered could actually participate in the review process. Each proposal was reviewed by 6.6 reviewers in average. The EuroMarine Steering Committee (SC) moderated the review results during its 9 Oct. 2015 meeting.

As a result, 18 out of 34 proposals could be funded (53% success rate). The final call budget (increased by 10% compared to initial plans, in order to fund additional activities and maximise spread among members) amounts to 110,200 €. Funding will directly benefit to MOs that manage, co-organise or have a key participant involved in the activities, i.e. to 41 Full MOs (out of 57 Full MOs in total) in 15 countries. (As a comparison, in the 34 submitted proposals, there were 47 Full MOs in 17 countries involved as key participants; of which 24 MOs in 10 countries were involved as a managing organisation receiving and managing funds on behalf of the co-organizers). There were 4.91 MOs involved (as key participants) per proposal in average among the 34 proposals submitted; there are 5 among the successful proposals.

Details on the review and moderation process and additional statistics will be provided in a report for EuroMarine General Assembly (which will be made available here shortly).

Next call: around March 2016 (to be confirmed after the Jan. 2016 General Assembly meeting).

List of successful proposals:


  • Funded proposals are listed below by type and by chronological order of submission.
  • Each of the corresponding activities will be described on a webpage under the new EuroMarine website (still under development as of Dec. 2015) and advertised through the EuroMarine mailing list.
  • The information provided below is as extracted from proposals or from subsequent correspondence with the organisers; venue and dates are in many cases tentative and will be updated.
  • Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants field: The list distinguishes between organisations that are Full EuroMarine Members (FM), Invited Member (IM) or external to EuroMarine (E). This reflects the membership list at the time of the call. It is to be noted that Stockholm University (SU) / Stockholm Resilience Centre eventually could not maintain its full membership status in 2015 but only announced this late in the year, after the call was closed.
  • Other abbrevations:
    • FWS: Foresight Workshop
    • WGM: EuroMarine Working Group Meeting
    • CBT: Capacity Building and Training activity
  1. FWS (5,200 €) || Title: Status, trends and conservation options of marine coastal biodiversity under global change scenarios || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi, (UniPi [FM], Italy), Isabel Sousa Pinto (CIIMAR [FM],Portugal), Laura Airoldi (UniBo [FM], Italy), Steve J. Hawkins, Soton-NOCS [FM], UK), S Fraschetti (CoNISMa FM, Italy), D. Devault (UPMC [FM], France), L Iveša (RBI [FM], Croatia), M.T. Burrows (SAMS [FM], UK), N. Mieszkowska (MBA [FM], UK) || Venue: Pisa, Italy || Date: 26 June 2016 || Contact:
  2. FWS (7,500 €) || Title: PlankDiv: Impact of climate change on functional and phylogenetic diversity of plankton || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Sakina-Dorothée Ayata (UPMC [FM], France), François Guilhaumon (IRD [FM], France), Astrid Cornils (AWI [FM], Germany), Guillem Chust (AZTI [FM], Spain), Grégory Beaugrand (CNRS [FM], France) Meike Vogt (ETHZ [E]) || Venue: Villefranche sur mer, France || Date: 14-18 March 2016 || Contact:
  3. FWS (7,500 €) || Title: Developing ecosystem-based solutions for resilient European harbours and coastal waterfronts || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Laura Airoldi (UniBo [FM], Italy), Fabio Bulleri (UniPi [FM], Italy), M.T. Burrows (SAMS [FM], UK), T Bouma (RUG [FM], NL), S.J. Hawkins (Soton-NOCS [FM], UK), Tilmann Harder (AWI [FM], Germany), Mark Johnson (NUI Galway [FM], Ireland), C. van Colen (UGent [FM],Belgium), T. Crowe (UCD [IM], Ireland), Peter Steinberg (SIMS [E], Australia), L. Firth (Plymouth U. [E], UK) || Venue: Ravenna, Italy || Date: Mar.-Apr. 2016 || Contact:
  4. FWS (4,000 €) || Title: Developing an integrated framework for studying Halophila stipulacea, the world's first globally invasive marine angiosperm || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Gil Rilov (IOLR [FM], Israel), Gidon Winters (DSASC [E], Israel), Sven Beer (Tel Aviv U [E], Israel), Simon Barak (Ben Gurion U [E], Israel), Gabriele Procaccini (SZN [FM], Italy), Luciana Migliore (CoNISMa [FM], Italy), Silvia Mazzuca (CoNISMa [FM], Italy), Juan Manuel Ruiz Fernández (IEO [FM], Spain), Mats Björk, (SU [FM], Sweden) || Venue: Eilat, Israel || Date: 22-26 May 2016 || Contact:
  5. FWS (7,500 €) || Title: Uncertain futures. Building scenarios and models for marine ecosystems. An emblematic case study: the Barents Sea || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: B.  Planque (IME [E], UiB [FM], Norway), C. Mullon (IRD [FM], France), M. Barange (PML [FM], UK), S. Heymans (SAMS [FM], UK), H Österblom (SU [FM], Sweden) || Venue: Tromsø, Norway || Date: Spring 2016 || Contact:
  6. FWS (7,500 €) || Title: Exploitation and Legal Aspects on Marine Genetic and Chemical Resources || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Donatella de Pascale (CNR [FM], Italy), Giovanna Romano (SZN [FM], Italy), Conxita Avila (UB [FM], Spain), Deniz Tasdemir (GEOMAR [FM], Germany), Dina Simes (CCMAR [FM], Portugal), || Venue: Naples, Italy || Date: 04-06 Apr. 2016 || Contact:
  7. FWS (7,500 €) || Title: Linking biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services: a comparison between temperate and tropical seagrass meadows || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Claire Golléty (IRD [FM], France), Dominique Davoult (UPMC [FM], France), David M. Paterson (U St Andrews [E], UK), Natalie Hicks (SAMS [FM], UK), Eric Thiébaut (UPMC [FM], France), Sophie Martin (CNRS [FM], France), Heidi Burdett (U St Andrews [E], UK), Nick Kamenos (U Glasgow [E], UK) || Venue: Sète, France || Date: June 2016 || Contact:
  8. FWS (7,500 €) || Title: Marine ecosystem-based governance: From rhetoric to reality || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Cosimo Solidoro, Michele Giani, Donata Melaku Canu (OGS [FM], Italy), Javier Arístegui (ULPGC [FM], Spain), Alice Newton (U Algarve [FM], Portugal), Hendrik Österblom SU [FM], Sweden),  Vangelis Papathanassiou (HCMR [FM], Greece), Astrid Jarre (UCT [IM], South Africa), Ratana Chuenpagdee (Memorial U [E], Canada), Eileen Hofmann (ODU [E], USA), Julie Hall (NIWA [E], New Zealand) Ingrid van Putten (CSIRO [E], Australia), Alida Bundy (BIO [E], Canada), Einar Svendsen (IMR [E],Norway), Silvia Salas (CINVESTAVN [E], Mexico) || Venue: Trieste, Italy || Date: 27-30 Oct. 2015 || Contact:,
  9. FWS (7,500 €) || Title: Marine Eco-Systems Biology – Bridging environmental and ecological data with integrated 'omics to understand the predict future seagrass ecosystems under global / climate change || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Harald Hasler-Sheetal (SDU [E], Denmark), Florian Weinberger (GEOMAR [FM], Germany), Nuria Marba (CSIC [FM], Spain), Eugenia T Aplostolaki (HCMR [FM], Greece), Mariane Holmer (SDU [E]), Wolfram Weckwerth (U Vienna [E]), Christoffer Boström (AAU Huso [IM], Finland), Aschwin Engelen (CCMAR [FM], Portugal) || Venue: Odense, Denmark || Date: March 2016 || Contact:
  10. FWS (4,000 €) || Title: Digital Marine Libraries || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Barbara Bultmann & Nicolas Pade (MBA [FM], UK), Dominique Davoult (UPMC [FM], France), Nicole Guyard (CNRS [FM], France), Adelino Canário & Natalia Dias (CCMAR [FM], Portugal), Jan Vanaverbeke (UGent [FM], Belgium), Jan Haspeslagh & Heike Lust (VLIZ [E], Belgium), Ailsa Hall (U St Andrews [E], UK), Andrew Gray (BAS [FM], UK), Steve Gontarek (SAMS [FM], UK), Remi Gaillard (UPMC [FM], France), Claudia di Somma & Fiorella Liotto (SZN [FM], Italy), Karen Madmoni (IUI [E], Israel), Manolis Stefanakis (HCMR [FM], Greece), Antonio Villanueva & Gerardo Marraud (U Vigo [E], Spain), Sandrine Bodin (UPMC [FM], France), Martine Fioroni (UPMC [FM], France) || Venue: Plymouth, UK || Date: Feb-March 2016 || Contact:
  11. FWS (4,000 €) || Title: Social transformations on small-scale fisheries || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: K. Frangoudes (UBO [FM], France), C. Pita (UAVR [FM], Portugal), M. Coll (IRD [FM], France), R. Chuenpadge (Memorial U [E], Canada), G. Pierce (U Abeerden [FM], UK), S. Villasante (USC [E], Spain), representative (LIFE [E]), José Pascual  (ULL [E], Spain) || Venue: Brest, France || Date: 24-26 Feb. 2016|| Contact:
  12. FWS (7,500 €) || Title: EuroMarine Foresight Symposium:The Biological Carbon Pump in a Changing World || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Eva-Maria Zetsche (UGOT [FM], Sweden), Morten Iversen (UniHB [FM], AWI [FM], Germany), Helle Ploug  (UGOT [FM], Sweden), Brivaëla Moriceau (UBO [FM], France), Lars Stemmann (UPMC [FM], France), Hans-Peter Grossart (IGB [E], Germany) || Venue: Bremen, Germany || Date: Oct. 2016 || Contact:
  13. CBT (4,000 €) || Title: Marine ecosystem services, management and governance: linking social and ecological research || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Angel Borja, Arantza Murillas, María C. Uyarra (AZTI [FM], Spain), Anna-Stiina Heiskanen, Soile Oinonen (SYKE [FM], Finland), Melanie Austen PML [FM], UK), Mike Elliott (U Hull [E]), Erik Gómez-Baggethun (NINA [E]), Kerry Turner (U East Anglia [E]), Camino Liquete (JRC [E]) || Venue: San Sebastian, Spain || Date: 7-9 June 2016 || Contact:
  14. CBT (5,000 €) || Title: 12th Summer course on Marine Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Filip Volckaert (U Leuven [E], Belgium), Jonas Collén, Damien Guiffant (UPMC [FM], France), Yves Desdevises (UPMC [FM], France), Jakob Hemmer (DTU-Aqua [FM], Denmark), Erica H. Leder (U. Turku [FM], Finland), Frédéric Partensky, Daniel Vaulot (UPMC [FM], France), Mathias Wegner (AWI [FM], Germany), Simon Creer (Bangor U [E], UK), Nic Blouin (U Rhode Island [E]), Sara Bourlat (UGOT [FM], Sweden), Nathalie Turque (UPMC [FM, France), Mathias Obst  (UGOT [FM], Sweden), Daniel Vaulot   (CNRS [FM], France) || Venue: Roscoff, France || Date: 30 May-10 June 2016 || Contact:
  15. WG (7,500 €) || Title: Stem cells of marine invertebrates: from basic research to innovative applications || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Loriano Ballarin (UniPd [FM], Italy), Uri Frank (NIU Galway [FM], Ireland), Anne-Marie Genevière (CNRS [FM], France), Valeria Matranga (CNR [FM], Italy), Andreja Ramšak (NIB [FM], Slovenia), Baruch Rinkevich (IOLR [FM], Israel) || Venue: Padova, Italy || Date: 09-10 March 2016 || Contact:
  16. WG (6,500 €) || Title: Management of bioinvasions in the Mediterranean– the way forward || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Maria Cristina Gambi (SZN [FM], Italy), Bella Galil (IOLR [FM], Israel), Leo Berline (AMU [FM], France), Melih Ertan Cinar (Ege U [E], Turkey), Elizabeth Cook (SAMS [FM], UK), Frédéric Mineur (AMU [FM], France), Anna Occhipinti-Ambrogi (U Pavia [E], Italy), Henn Ojaveer (EMI [E], Estonia), Stefano Piraino, Adriana Giangrande (CoNISMa [FM], Italy), Baruch Rinkevich (IOLR [FM], Israel) || Venue: Naples, Italy || Date: April-May 2016 || Contact:,
  17. WG (6,000 €) || Title: Environmental Controls of marine N2 fixation: Present Knowledge and Future Challenges || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Sophie Rabouille, (CNRS [FM], France), Angela Landolfi, Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR [FM], Germany), Gianluca Volpe (CNR [FM], Italy) || Venue: New Orleans, USA || Date: 21 Feb. 2016 || Contact:
  18. Other (4,000 €) || Title: Using a systematic conservation planning approach to enhance the marine spatial planning process in Europe || Leading scientist(s) / co-organizers / key participants: Kris Hostens & Ellen Pecceu (ILVO [FM], Belgium), Ibon Galparsoro (AZTI [FM], Spain), Athina Kokkali & Vassiliki Vassilopoulou (HCMR [FM], Greece), Genoveva Gonzalez Mirelis (IMR [E], Norway), Tomás Vega Fernández (CNR-IAMC [E], Italy) || Venue: Ghent, Belgium || Date: 18-22 Apr.  2016 || Contact:

>> Terms and conditions of EuroMarine funding
>> The EuroMarine logo can be downloaded in various formats from this page

Announcement of call

In 2015 EuroMarine launches a single call for several categories of activities (to be carried out in 2015 or 2016).

The budget that is presently secured and allocated to the call amounts to 100,000 €. (The EuroMarine Steering Committee might decide to increase it at a later point and within the limits of the overall budget.)

In order to maximize the number of MOs that will receive funds in 2015, EuroMarine limits its financial contribution to successful activities to a maximum of 7.5 k€. Proposers are asked to find co-funding.

This second yearly EuroMarine call is broadly open in terms of topics and concern the following categories of activities:

  • Foresight Workshops ('horizon scanning') – maximum funding: 7,500 €
  • EuroMarine Working Groups for building EuroMarine (through science, e.g. early carrier events, delivery of science to policy) – maximum funding: 7,500 €
  • Capacity building and training – maximum funding: 5,000 €
  • Other (excluding conferences; excluding H2020 proposals preparation ) – maximum funding: 7,500 €.

All activities should have well-defined outcomes (e.g. synthesis paper, position paper, plans upstream of proposal) representing a significant advance.

For details, please refer through the below links to the text of the call, the application form and instructions therein.

Main documents

Links and other reference documents


  • Call opens: 18 April 2015
  • Call closes: 30 June 2015
  • Call outcome: 20 October 2015
  • Activities should be carried out in 2015 or 2016


All proposers will receive a notification and feedback report once successful proposals are selected.

The outcome will be posted on the EuroMarine website.

Activities funded by EuroMarine will be announced in a timely manner so that EuroMarine members can apply to participate.

Contact - EuroMarine Secretariat