EuroMarine call for candidates for 2020 Steering Committee positionsInternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Other
Managing Body: EuroMarine, EuroMarine General Assembly
Opening: December 5, 2019
Closing: January 5, 2020
Outcome: January 17, 2020

EuroMarine opens on 5 Dec. 2019 its annual call for candidates to join its Steering Committee (SC) - to be partially renewed every year from 2016 on, as decided by the General Assembly (GA) during its 2015 meeting.

Two positions are open to candidates for 2020. (As decided by the GA in 2019, there are alternatively 2 and 3 open positions each year.)

Please note:

  • SC candidates must attend the 16-17 Jan. 2020 meeting in Piran (Slovenia) and briefly present their application before the GA.
  • SC candidates commit to devote part of their time to serve the EuroMarine community (during and outside meetings).
  • Participation in SC meetings is an in-kind contribution of Member Organisations (at least until the EuroMarine budget exceeds the target set by the Business Plan). SC candidates must therefore obtain support of their organisation to apply, or otherwise fund their participation in meetings on their own budget.
  • The SC would welcome applications from candidates whose election could broaden or strengthen areas of expertise or regions 'represented' in the SC, or would improve multiple balances.

Please refer to the attached call text for details.

Candidates are invited to fill in and return the attached 2020 SC candidate form to secretariatateuromarinenetwork [dot] eu by 5 January 2020.

The General Assembly will vote for candidates during its 16-17 Jan. 2020 meeting in Piran (Slovenia) . While their term officially starts in July 2020, the newly elected SC members will be invited to attend the SC meeting that will be held on 17 Jan. afternoon after the GA meeting, and to participate in any online SC meeting or email exchanges prior to the start of their term.