EMOSE 2017 Inter-Comparison of Plankton Metagenome Analysis now Inviting Community ParticipationInternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Expertise

Opening: September 11, 2017
Closing: September 15, 2017

The scientific objective of the first Edition (2017) of EMOSE is to review methods in marine plankton metagenomic analysis, essentially comparing the different filtration volumes and size‐fractions used by recent initiatives, i.e. Tara Oceans, Malaspina and the Ocean Sampling Day. Already published data from these projects will be complemented by a new set of data obtained from a comparative experiment of protocols used in the three initiatives. The bulk of the analyses will be done during a 5‐day hands‐on session in Porto, and a virtual research environment will be used to plan the analysis and to work‐up a review paper.

For more information please see the activity page linked below.