ESAI Postgraduate Researcher of the Year 2017 CompetitionExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals

Opening: September 1, 2017
Closing: September 30, 2017

In its fourth year the 'ESAI Postgraduate Researcher of the Year Award' for ESAI members is now open for applications. Applications will be accepted from students doing either a PhD or a Masters degree by research in an environmental topic. 

Each application will be evaluated under three criteria:

  • Scientific excellence and originality
  • Impact (economic/environmental/societal)
  • Dissemination (conferences, outreach, media)

Candidates will be asked to outline research objectives, background to research, why research is necessary and novel, environmental relevance, methods, results, accomplishments, awards, publications/patents, the potential impact of the research (economic/environmental/societal), and outline the dissemination activities related to the project.