European Marine Board: Research Vessels Survey External

Call Overview

Call Category: Participation in surveys

Contact: European Marine Board
Email: info [at]
Opening: August 9, 2018
Closing: September 17, 2018

This survey aims to collect up-to-date information regarding Research Vessels and their use in Europe. It was developed as part of the activities of the European Marine Board (EMB) Working Group “Next Generation European Research Vessels" which aims to review the current status of European Research Vessels and related equipment, evaluate the progress made since the previous EMB Position Paper 10 in 2007 and produce an updated foresight report. This questionnaire aims to collect up-to-date information regarding the Research Vessels.

This Research Vessel General Survey was developed regarding 4 main groups: i) Research groups/Academy/National research institutes; ii) Funding agencies; iii) Public or Private Companies/Government or non-academic research vessels, and iv) Technology developers.

The survey can be found at:
You can view a full PDF version of this survey using the button below, enabling you to read the questions before going into the survey. Please note that you will only be required to answer the questions specifically aimed at your stakeholder group, not the whole thing. It is possible to edit and download your answers after completion.

The deadline for responses is Monday 17 September 2018. If you feel that it will not be possible to respond before this deadline but would like to participate, please do contact us and we will make alternative arrangements.