European Research Council Starting GrantsExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals, Expertise

Opening: May 1, 2017
Closing: October 17, 2017

Researchers of any nationality with two to seven years experience since the completion of their PhD (with some exceptions being allowed) are eligible for the call. Applicants are expected to have a scientific track record showing great promise, and it is essential to have an excellent research proposal. Applications can be made in any field of research. Research must be conducted in a public or private research institution.

It could be the HI where the applicant already works, or any other HI located in one of the EU Member States or Associated Countries. Applications for an ERC grant must be submitted by a single Principal Investigator (PI) in conjunction with and on behalf of their Host Institution, called the applicant legal entity.
Grants are awarded to the Host Institution with the explicit commitment that this institution offers appropriate conditions for the Principal Investigator (PI) independently to direct the research and manage its funding for the duration of the project.
Any type of legal entity, including universities, research centres and undertakings can host the PI and his/her team. Legally the host institution must be based in one of the EU Member States, or one of the associated countries.
The PI does not necessarily need to be working at the host institution at the time when the proposal is submitted. However, a mutual agreement and the host institution’s commitment on how the relationship will be established are necessary, should the proposal be successful.  

Starting Grants may be awarded up to € 1.5 million for a period of 5 years. (pro rata for projects of shorter duration). However, an additional € 0.5 million can be made available to cover eligible “start-up” costs for researchers moving from a third country to the EU or an associated country and/or the purchase of major equipment and/or access to large facilities.