International Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program, LabexMERExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Collaboration

Opening: January 25, 2017
Closing: April 15, 2017

The LabexMER partners have created a new post-doctoral program, inspired by successful similar programs such as the U.S.A. NOAA Climate Change and Global Change postdoctoral program or WHOI postdoctoral fellowship. It allow young scientists to propose their own research project in marine sciences (within the LabexMER research axes) to be carried out in one or several LabexMER laboratories.  The competitive awards are designed to further the education and training of the applicant with primary emphasis placed on the individual's research promise and relevance to Labex Mer research Axis.

The applicants needs to hold a PhD. They have to submit an original research project relevant to one of the Labex research priorities, and propose collaboration with a local host.  The local host(s) should be affiliated to one of the LabexMER laboratories and be responsible for providing adequate office and laboratory space for the duration of the postdoctoral tenure. Please note that applications can only be accepted via the online application system within the announced application period.

In addition to the formal application form, the following are required:

  • Transcripts of the applicant's complete undergraduate and graduate records (including up to date transcripts from the applicant's current university for those who have not yet completed their Ph.D.).
  • A current CV or resume that shows educational background and work experiences;
  • A brief synopsis of the applicant's doctoral dissertation (one page abstract);
  • A research project (no longer than three pages, including references) describing research interests, in particular those that the applicant would like to pursue within the LabexMER Axis, as well as more general career plans and how a postdoctoral tenure within any of the Labex laboratories would complement their existing experience and preparation.