Jerico-NEXT Transnational Access to Coastal Observatories: 2nd Call now OpenExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals

Email: JERICO.TNA [at]
Opening: February 20, 2017
Closing: April 10, 2017

The second Call for access to the JERICO-NEXT Coastal Observatories, Supporting Facilities and Special Equipment is open from 20 February to 10 April 2017 for activities scheduled in the period September 2017 - August 2018 subsequent to a formal screening and selection process.

The user groups will be selected by a Selection Panel, consisting of independent international experts.

Submitted proposals will first be checked by the TNA management team to ensure formal compliance with access rules and their technical quality. Requests for amendments of technical issues only can be requested to proponents, whose response is expected as soon as possible, anyway before one week.

Properly compiled proposals will undergo a three-step selection process involving:

  1. Validation of each proposal by the interested facility operator (feasibility assessment).
  2. Evaluation based on scientific excellence, innovation and impacts on the state-of-the-art. This step will be performed by the SP with the aid of additional experts, if necessary.
  3. Final assessment and selection by the SP, which will recommend a short-list of proposals eligible for support.