Joint call: CESAB- sDiv SYNERGY: Coexistence and stability in high-diversity communitiesExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals

Email: cesab [at]
Opening: July 2, 2019
Closing: November 15, 2019

CESAB and sDiv are instruments of the French FRB (Foundation for Research on Biodiversity) and German iDiv (German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research). These two centers are offering to host groups of researchers to work on a better use of existing data, information and knowledge to foster theoretical, and synthetic thinking in biodiversity research. They are now proposing a joint call called “synergy” to fund two theory driven groups of 5-7 researchers that will share their meetings between the two centers.

The main topic of the call will be “Coexistence and stability in high-diversity communities”. Modern coexistence theory provides a useful framework for understanding the coexistence of dominant species, but is limited to few interacting species, and is not predictive or extendable to novel or real setting contexts. This joint call aims at fostering a synthesis to understand coexistence and stability in typical high-diversity communities that are often composed of relatively few dominant species and many low-abundance species. 

The pre-proposal deadline is 4 September 2019, while the final deadline is 15 November 2019. More information on the call can be found via the link below.