MSC Global Fisheries Sustainability FundExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals

Opening: January 1, 2017
Closing: February 13, 2017

The MSC Global Fisheries Sustainability Fund (GFSF) aims to increase the accessibility of the MSC program for more of the world’s fisheries, by working to reduce the barriers and obstacles that fisheries face in achieving the MSC standard.C.

Applications must be submitted to the Fund Administrator by 30 April each year. This year (2016/2017) this deadline has been set as 13th February 2017. Applicants who are able to identify an MSC contact, who may be able to provide further contextual information about the proposed application to the committee, should detail this on the application form. Applicants will not be penalised if they are not able to specify an MSC contact. An application for funding will comprise:

Full Application Form (to include):

o Name / type of organisation requesting funding o Stage of engagement in the MSC program (pre-assessment, action plan,certified)

o Fishery type – species / gear type / catch volume

o 3-page maximum narrative description of the project

o Section highlighting the project outputs, KPIs & relevance to GFSF objectives

o Project timeline o Project budget – including any in kind or actual cash contributions (and whether match funding is secured or pending)

o An outline of any plans to communicate externally about the project


Supplementary Materials:

o CV of the principal investigator(s)

o Paragraph biography and qualifications of all the researchers involved in the project

o If grant is going to an individual rather than an institution, a supporting statement from a referee (i.e. student tutor). If the grant is going to a company or institution, a copy of the latest audited accounts.