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National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia

General Information

Activity: Research, Higher Education
Country: Tunisia
Tel.:+216 71 287 110
Postal address:
43, Avenue Charles Nicolle
1082 Tunis

INAT is the National Agronomical Institute of Tunisia. INAT is largely oriented towards sustainable development issues, offering a range of expertise on themes such as biodiversity, operation and engineering of natural and cultivated ecosystems, marine ecosystems, water and the environment. INAT works to build strong interactions with local and international industry and organisations. The Ecosystems Research and Aquatic Resources Unit focuses on the study of aquatic environments as well as coastal areas. This Unit takes a multidisciplinary approach, which considers both the eco-biological characterization of living resources, analysing their relationship with the environment, and their use in aquaculture. It seeks to balance conservation of ecosystems with sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. The research activities revolve around three main themes: Coastal Resources and Environment, Bio-ecology of inland waters, Aquaculture and product promotion.

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General Assembly Representative Frida Ben Rais Lasram January 1, 2015 -

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