12 scholarship vacancies now open for application at RUG-GELIFESExternal

News Overview

website: RUG-GELIFES
Deadline: January 23, 2017

The second call for integrative PhD projects within the scope of the Adaptive Life programme, comprised of 12 PhD projects designed and written by the PhD candidates themselves, has been launched. GELIFES offers 12 four-year scholarship PhD positions for the most talented and motivated national and international students, starting between May and September 2017. All PhD positions are integrative by nature, spanning across different expertise groups and being strengthened by complementary PhD projects already in progress and in preparation.

PhD candidates of high quality are invited to develop their own research ideas and write a competitive proposal. To this end, candidates are invited to approach potential supervisors (PIs; 2 minimum) within GELIFES (a 3rd supervisor may also be attracted externally) with a draft research proposal (500 words) within the scope of one of the integrative topics listed below and to submit their personal files. PI teams will select three candidates at most based on their information and research plans and invite them to write a full research proposal. All final proposals will be reviewed by an external committee and ranked according to scientific quality, feasibility as well as fit to the adaptive Life programme and integrative potential. Only the 12 highest ranking proposals will be eligible for funding.

Integrative research themes
  1. Consistent individual differences in adaptation 
  2. Adaptive diversity and eco-evolutionary dynamics 
  3. The microbiome in individual and community adaptation 
  4. Evolutionary medicine