2 PhD positions: Global eukaryotic plankton eco-evolutionExternal

News Overview

Deadline: April 15, 2016

Two PhD positions are available in the EPEP team (Groupe Plancton in Station Biologique de Roscoff in France)  and starting next September. The two projects aims at further exploring the symbiotic/mixotrophic structure of protistan diversity across Life’s kingdoms and global oceans biogeography and hydrography, as well as understanding the acclimation and adaptation patterns of the key protist players in these ecosystems which cover 71% of our planet and generate half its oxygen. Both students will apply innovative protocols combining eco-bioinformatics, single-cell -omics, and advanced imaging on Tara Oceans datasets and samples. They will integrate the Tara Oceans/Oceanomics international consortium and benefit from the great and long-standing pluridisciplinary expertise developed over the last 7 years in the collaborative network. 

Deadline for application for PhD position "Exploring the Ocean’s biological dark matter using single eukaryotic cell genomics & transcriptomics applied to world meta-omics datasets": 15 April 2015
Deadline for application for PhD position "SYMBIOME: an eco-systemic approach to eukaryotic symbioses in global photic plankton": Until the position is filled