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E-mail: applications [at]
website: Advisory Committee Chair vacancy webpage
Deadline: May 6, 2018

The Advisory Committee (ACOM) of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) are currently seeking suitable candidates to take a Chair position within the committee. In the role of chair, candidates will be expected to oversee the delivery of timely, quality-assured and science-based advice. This will require a great deal of daily organisational work with the Secretariat, specifically the Head of Advisory Support, and the ACOM Vice-Chairs, to ensure that requests from clients can be met in terms of contents, approach and timing. The successful candidate will also be expected to work actively on strengthening ICES'  integrated ecosystem advice and the development and implementation of the upcoming ICES Strategic Plan (2019–2023).

To be eligible, candidates must possess:

  • strong leadership and management skills
  • experience and skill in finding innovative solutions to complex problems
  • ​at least ten years' professional experience in scientific assessments, including fisheries and marine ecosystem assessments
  • experience with converting scientific knowledge into policy/management advice
  • good knowledge of the scientific governance in ICES Member Countries and relevant international organizations
  • good knowledge of international marine resource management policies and their institutional structures 
  • demonstrable experience working with a range of recipients of marine resource management advice
  • excellent communication skills
  • experience working with people from diverse national and cultural backgrounds
  • readiness to travel and the ability to work flexibly to meet the organization's needs
  • fluency in both spoken and written English