Application for Call 6 of the Interreg2seas programme being developedInternal

News Overview

The workshop group are preparing an application for Call 6 of the Interreg2seas programme to tackle the knowledge gaps in climate change impacts research. This issue is of particular relevance given the noticeable recent evidence that the number and investment in long-term ecological and environmental studies (LTEES) are declining despite the acknowledged role in our understanding of how species and ecosystems respond to global change. The proposal will provide a pan-European network of research institutes and universities engaged in long-term research on climate change impacts. This network would standardise monitoring methodologies at the European scale, and link existing long-term time series of biological data to provide novel analyses of the current and future status of coastal marine species and communities to continued climate change. Results of the project would directly inform national governmental bodies and contribute to the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, linking up Good Environmental Status indicators that the group members are involved in developing across the EU member states.

A draft manuscript has been written and is undergoing final revisions by the EuroMarine workshop group before submission. The manuscript highlights the need for multinational, integrated approaches for determining how climate change will influence intertidal organismal level physiological and behavioural processes, and how this scales up to tackle biogeographic-scale impacts.