B1 - Bioresources: unlocking and accessing the potential of the marine environment (Part I)External

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Update or reminder related to: Sea Tech Week 2018
Contact: Marylène Faure
E-mail: marylene.faure [at] brest-metropole.fr
website: Session Programme
Deadline: October 9, 2018

As a part of the Sea Tech Week conference in Brest (8-12 October 2018), Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and EMBRC-France will be hosting the mini-conference: "Bioresources: unlocking and accessing the potential of the marine environment" on October 9th.

Marine bioresources are at the heart of economic activities in the maritime regions, providing the food we eat, the air we breathe, and to an increasing, extent new products and a new frontier to explore in terms of biotechnological advances. Brittany and the surrounding regions have a wealth of expertise and projects valorising biological resources from the sea and continue to drive and innovate the biotech sector. This session will give a flavour of what Brittany has to offer of activities related to marine bioresources in public-private partnerships, industrial R&D, and fundamental research, and how to access the marine ecosystems, its biological resources and related expertise through the international network of research infrastructures present in Brittany.