BBMRI-ERIC Director General Role Now AvailableExternal

News Overview

Contact: Markus Pasterk
E-mail: admin.dir [at]
website: BBMRI-ERIC website
Deadline: February 17, 2017

The Central Executive Management Office for BBMRI-ERIC, located in Graz, Austria, is now seeking to recruit a Director General. S/He is sought as an outstanding person that will act as the legal representative and Chief Executive Officer of BBMRI-ERIC and in this capacity s/he will lead and continue the development of BBMRI-ERIC. 

Some responsibilities of the Director General include:

− To define the strategic development of BBMRI-ERIC taking into consideration stakeholders’ needs. This shall be done in close coordination with the Assembly of Members and the National/Organisational Nodes,

− To build an effective and collaborative working environment with the National/Organisational Nodes and biobanking communities,  

− To ensure that BBMRI-ERIC activities comply with relevant regulations, ethical principles and societal values, − to lead fundraising efforts for BBMRI-ERIC and its partners, on national and European levels, − to coordinate public relations and dissemination activities, − to monitor, measure and report on BBMRI-ERIC’s progress to the Assembly of Members as well as the European Commission.


Some prerequisites for the role include:

- An MD and/or a PhD degree in a relevant field (preferably biomedical research, translational research)

- Excellent operational leadership abilities and managerial skills

- Knowledge of research funding programmes, especially EU programmes, and a track record in funding acquisition


The successful candidate will hold the role for a minimum of three years, with the possibility to be reappointed. The expected start date for the role is 1st August 2017.