Coastal Ocean Dynamics research scientist positionExternal

News Overview

Contact: Pierre Garreau
E-mail: pierre.garreau [at]
website: Job posting
Deadline: July 4, 2018

Ifremer is hiring a tenured Physical Oceanography Scientist to work on Coastal Ocean Dynamics

The applicant will participate in the study of (sub)-mesoscale processes present in the coastal or continental shelf environment (e.g. thermohaline front, river plume, tidal front, upwelling, slope current, instabilities, internal waves, shelf waves, horizontal and vertical turbulences, eddies… ). The challenge is to develop an understanding meso- and sub meso-scale processes, to rationalize their study, and to develop the conceptual framework necessary for the interpretation of observational data or numerical simulations results. He/she will also pay attention to the multidisciplinary valorization of his/her work (e.g. impact on ecosystems or sediment transport).