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Contact: Dr Marc Soria
E-mail: marc.soria [at]
Deadline: September 1, 2018

The objectives of this postdoctoral position are:

- To determine behavioural patterns and identify the drivers of the presence of sharks at La Réunion island, using acoustic telemetry data and environmental data from the CHARC project

- To investigate spatial distribution and species communities associated with bull and tiger sharks in the Western Indian Ocean, using e-DNA and baited cameras data

IRD is seeking a researcher (PhD) with strong quantitative analytical skills, including experience in data modelling (e.g. stochastic differential equations, individual-based models, ecological network analysis (ENA), co-occurrence patterns, human-animal interactions) and R script programming. The candidate will work on electronic tagging data (e.g. acoustic tagging) collected from previous experiments on sharks in La Réunion, Indian Ocean, along with environmental data.

The candidate will also work with eDNA and baited cameras data collected during the Explorations of Monaco (on board of the Yersin and during other trips like Iles Eparses). It is possible that the researcher will participate to explorations to collect some data. The candidate should possess good skills to work with very large databases and with GIS softwares. The candidate must have good publication records as 1st author, communication skills in English.