Doctoral Thesis Role in Phytoplankton Ecology at Instituto Español de OceanografiaExternal

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Contact: Dr. Enrique Nogueira
E-mail: enrique.nogueira [at]
website: Doctoral Thesis Role webpage
Deadline: October 18, 2017

IEO, as part of the REMEDIOS project, currently have a doctoral role available for their role within the project. The project is a European-wide effort, and over 20 different researchers from numerous European universities and institutes are involved in it.

This role will be supervised by Dr. Enrique Nogueira and will focus on the study of the dynamics of the populations of the sub-project led by the IEO of phytoplankton and its relationship with abiotic factors and processes of self-regulation. The successful applicant will also apply molecular techniques for the distinction of cryptic species of the genus Pseudo-nitzschia, and automatic analysis methods (FlowCAM type cytometer-microscope) coupled with image analysis and automatic classification techniques, for which you will count on the collaboration of Dr. Ángel Urrutia, expert in the application of artificial intelligence systems to the study of composition and structure of the planktonic community.

The contract will run for a total of four years, and it is preferable that applicants possess a strong command of the English language, as well as a degree in a physics or maths related topic.