EGU session on benthic biogeochemistry and benthic-pelagic couplingExternal

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Update or reminder related to: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018
Deadline: January 10, 2018

The 2018 EGU session on benthic biogeochemistry and benthic-pelagic coupling is open for contributions.

The session focuses on recent outcomes in the understanding of benthic biogeochemical cycling and benthic ecosystem dynamics.

This includes implementation of new experimental setups and data collection techniques, novel benthic model developments and efforts addressing the implications of benthic-pelagic coupling at a shelf and basin scale.

Examples of cross-disciplinary collaborations in benthic processes research are among the expected highlights.


Contributions related to the following non-exhaustive list of sub-topics are particularly encouraged:

* lability of benthic organic matter,

* microscale interactions (e.g. microenvironments, burrows, cable bacteria),

* microphytobenthic primary production,

* experimental setups and novel data collection techniques (e.g. fixed benthic observatories, eddy-covariance applications),

* permeability spectrum,

* extreme and episodic events and ecosystem recovery,

* erodability and response to resuspension,

* diversity of benthic habitats.


Invited Speaker : Ronnie N. Glud (University of Southern Denmark)