EMB Navigating the Future V – 5 key areas for future marine scienceExternal

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Contact: Prof. Sheila Heymans
E-mail: sheymans [at] marineboard.eu
website: EMB Navigating the Future V webpage

The Marine Board Navigating the Future series provides regular pan-European summaries of the current status of marine research, priority recommendations and future scientific challenges in the context of European societal needs. Navigating the Future is a blueprint to guide both the research and the science policy agendas at European and national level.

Since 2001 when the first Navigating the Future position paper was published, the series has been widely recognized, both by researchers and science policymakers, as providing critical periodic foresight and recommendations on emerging marine science topics and needs, and associated societal challenges and opportunities. In November 2017, EMB began work on the new installment of its flagship series, Navigating the Future V (NFV). A central goal of NFV is to provide robust, independent scientific advice and expert opinion on future seas and Ocean research to 2030 and beyond.