Engineering Manager at Marine Robotics CentreExternal

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Deadline: November 15, 2018

The successful applicant for this position will be responsible for the overall development and the management of the Marine Robotics Centre of VLIZ, which will consist of the existing Remotely Operated Vehicle Genesis, a new Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and a new Unmanned Surface Vehicle, as well as:

  • Leading a small team of marine engineers and technicians that maintain and deploy the VLIZ robotics, in close collaboration with the VLIZ Research Infrastructure division;
  • Writing proposals and prospects for funding (in collaboration with relevant colleagues at the institute) to ensure valorization of the VLIZ robotics in innovation and research projects;
  • Closely collaborating and networkng with marine scientists, as well as with actors from the Blue Economy;
  • Networking at national and international level with other engineers, scientists and managers working with (marine) robotic/autonomous research infrastructures;
  • Planning and performing missions at sea with the robotic systems and ensures that these missions are carried out safely, efficiently and successfully;
  • Stimulating and implementing scientific and technological improvements and innovations with regard to the robotic systems and their associated sensors to accommodate for novel research and applications;
  • Providing general technical advice and support for the VLIZ research infrastructure.

The successful applicant must possess leadership skills, as well as project writing skills, strong problem-solving skills and strong interpersonal and communication skills.