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Update or reminder related to: Established and Emerging Model Organisms for Marine Science (Schmid Training Course)
Contact: Agnes Boutet
E-mail: agnes.boutet [at]

Update - October 2016: An Erasmus application related to this course is ongoing. The key action targeted in the Erasmus programme is "strategic partnership for higher education". The aim is to build an online platform related to the usage of marine models in biology that can be available to the student before the practical course. This project involves 6 different partners in Europe and outside Europe. A proposal will be resubmitted in 2017. 


Update - October 2017: New proposal submitted to get an Erasmus grant to create an internet platform for marine models. The proposal will be resubmitted next year. The on-line resource proposed in this project will heighten teaching and research activities on marine models providing long term benefits to local, European and international scientific communities.