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Deadline: July 15, 2016
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The theme of the European Ecosystem Services 2016 conference will be 'Helping nature to help us' focuses on the important role that healthy ecosystems play in supporting human well-being and the protection of nature.

This conference will be the biggest European event in 2016 that links science, policy and practice on ecosystem services and natural capital. It will have a strong focus on practice and implementation.

You are invited to join to learn from and share your experiences from business, land management, policy and local practice!

The conference programme offers an attractive mix of:

  • keynote presentations from policy, practice and science;
  • a networking day where businesses, practitioners, policymakers and researchers meet and showcase their work;
  • interactive sessions to demonstrate working examples of ecosystem services and natural capital;
  • field excursions to see ecosystem services in action; and
  • scientific sessions.

Earlybird registration closes soon. Final registration is open until 2 September 2016.