Five postdoctoral positions in marine ecosystem modellingExternal

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E-mail: concorsi [at]
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Deadline: May 1, 2019

The ECHO Group at the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics  – OGS (italy) is offering five positions for marine ecosystem modellers. 

The research activity consists of development, application and analysis of models for the study of the marine ecosystems. Successful candidates will work in a multidisciplinary team, actively involved in international projects on sectors ranging from operational oceanography to ecosystem approach to fishery and acquaculture, pollutants fate and transport, climate and use of high performance computing on earth system models.

The five open positions are as follows:

1)  data assimilation for oceanography and biogeochemistry modelling;

2)  high-performance computing (HPC) for oceanography and biogeochemistry modelling (mainly realted to hpc-tres;

3)  physical and biogeochemical modelling of marine ecosystems, including dynamics of dissolved oxygen, organic matter and plankton dynamics;

4)  modelling of the interactions between water column optical properties and biogeochemical dynamics;

5)  modelling for an ecosystem approach to fisheries with emphasis on environmental and climatic factors; spatial and temporal modelling of marine ecosystems; end-to-end modelling for coupling biogeochemical and food web approaches; analysis of physical and biogeochemical data and model output to develop indicators useful for the fisheries production

Candidates should have a STEM degree and a a PhD (or equivalent experience) in Ocean Sciences, Ocean Modelling, Ecosystem Modelling or any topic involving modelling or data analysis approaches to research activities covered by the call will be considered advantageous.