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Contact: Ester Serrão
E-mail: eserrao [at]

This series of workshops aims to engage stakeholders in discussing, defining, and informing scientists about their research priorities to fulfill their needs concerning knowledge of Marine Forests in Europe. This initiative focuses on marine forests, ecosystem structuring species of large brown algae, to understand geographical variation in biodiversity components that affect fitness and consequently the fate and future trajectories of these keystone ecosystems.

  • event 1 - workshop MARFOR in Faro, Portugal, with all Biodiversa-MARFOR partners and 11 external organizations, 15 - 16 Feb 2017 (participation by video-conference is also possible)
  • event 2 - aquaculture stakeholders event at global Biodiversa meeting in Brussels, 4-5 April 2017
  • event 3 - MARFOR conservation and management stakeholders meeting in Roscoff, June 2 2017
  • event 4 - aquaculture stakeholders event at the Congress of the international society for applied phycology, in Nantes, 21 Jun 2017 (sponsored jointly by euromarine-MARFOR and COST-Phycomorph)

For more information on the events or to register, please contact Ester Serrão (eserraoatualg [dot] pt).