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website: GEOMAR
Deadline: May 27, 2016
Registration website: Job Description

The research unit Marine Natural Products Chemistry/ GEOMAR Centre for Marine Biotechnology within the research division Marine Ecology, is offering a post as "Analytical marine natural product chemist". 

GEOMAR-Biotech seeks an experienced and highly motivated candidate with demonstrated expertise in analytical marine natural product chemistry. The holder of this post will perform a range of research tasks including sampling, generation and metabolic profiling/dereplication of marine extracts, purification and characterization of marine natural products and application of a wide range of modern analytical methods, including mass spectrometry-based chemical imaging, to marine natural product chemistry research.

A PhD in marine natural products chemistry or a related field and demonstrated competence and experience in analytical techniques for metabolic profiling and dereplication of marine natural products (mainly by LC-MS but also NMR and other techniques) is required.

For more information on the role and how to apply see the job description.