H2020 SC2 work programme - EuroMarine concerns and actionsExternal

News Overview

EuroMarine is aware of the changing nature of work programmes and their implications for the future of marine research in Europe.

As a network, EuroMarine is committed to both the restoration and expansion of the role of the blue sector in future European programmes. All members of EuroMarine are encouraged to play their part in raising this issue to national levels and higher if possible, highlighting the complementarity of the blue and green sector to meeting future needs.

It is important, arguably more than ever, that the Ocean is a continuous presence on all political agendas from now on and we expect Europe to take a prominent lead in these activities. Not only will EuroMarine strive to make this possible, but it will also ensure funding that is delivered to the sector can be used in the most efficient way, facilitating interactions and interdisciplinary approaches amongst all partners involved in the EuroMarine network.

Please find the concerns and actions noted in the document below.