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Deadline: March 27, 2017
Registration website: Head of Press and Institutional Relations Application form

The French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer) is seeking a suitable candidate to fulfill their currently vacant Head of Press and Institutional Relations Application role. A full-time position, the role will see the successful candidate integrate into the communications department of the institute. Responsible for  defining and implementing the Institute's internal and external communications strategy, the department heavily contributes to:

• the influence of the institute and its activities at the regional, national and international levels; Internationalization, 
• the valorisation of projects, dissemination of results and updates of Ifremer's scientific and technological units, both internally and externally, 
• monitoring and strengthening partnerships with various stakeholders (universities and Research, professionals, civil society, institutions, CCSTI, education, media ...), and actions with the general public. 

The Head of Press and Institutional Relations will be expected to aid and provide leadership in defining and implementing the communication strategy towards institutional targets and the media. 
Positioned on the Ifremer Bretagne Center, the person in charge will supervise the work of a press attaché. 

While the role encompasses more tasks also, the main purpose of the role is to fulfill the following:

• Define and implement a communication strategy for institutional relations (steering relationships with different institutional targets, disseminating information, organizing events / visits, etc.). 
• Ensure the presence and participation of Ifremer in various networks (European Marine Board Communications Panel, Publishing / Editorial Committee of ICES, etc.) 
• Coordinate media relations: selection and programming of subjects, validation of information disseminated to the media , Organization of events for journalists. 
• Preparing and managing crisis communication situations (identifying sensitive topics, writing language elements, forming and forming a network of 
spokespersons ) 

• Developing and coordinating media partnerships 
• Ensuring institutional / strategic monitoring 
• Managing relations With providers and manage the budget 


All applicants, in order to be considered for the role, must have a minimum higher education (or equivalent) degree in political science or a degree in a similar field (communications, etc). Due to the demanding tasks within the role, a minimum of 5 years experience is desirable in a related position.