III UCA-CEIMAR International Summer School Course on Aquaculture in Southern Europe: Basic and Applied AspectsExternal

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E-mail: iss.uca-ceimar [at] uca.es
website: III UCA International Summer School
Deadline: June 10, 2016
Registration website: Register online

The International Campus of Excellence of the Sea (CEIMAR) are holding an aquaculture course entitled “Aquaculture in Southern Europe: Basic and Applied Aspects” which will be held from 11-15 July 2016 in Cadiz, Spain, in the framework of the “III UCA-CEIMAR International Summer School”.

The course will cover different aspects of the aquaculture activity in marsh ponds, focusing on the differential characteristics in these environments, the ecological impacts, and the physiological and welfare issues of the cultured species (nutrition, osmoregulation, etc). There will be a combination of lectures, field activities and laboratory sessions with well-recognised experts. 

For the programme and details on how to apply see the course website.