IMBeR: into the future - Science Plan and Implementation Strategy approvedExternal

The IMBeR Science Plan snd Implementation Strategy (SPIS) has now been approved by IMBeR’s sponsors – the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) and Future Earth. The Science Plan has three themes or ‘Grand Challenges’ which cover six priority research areas and incorporate four highlighted topics or ‘Innovation Challenges’. Grand Challenge I relates to developing whole system level understanding of ecosystems, including complex biogeochemical cycles and human interactions, together with understanding of the scales of spatial and temporal variability of their structure and functioning.

The second Grand Challenge is to incorporate understanding of the drivers and consequences of global change on marine ecosystems and human societies at multiple scales into models to project and predict future states. Grand Challenge III is to improve communication and understanding between science, policy and society to achieve better governance, adaptation to and mitigation of global change, and transition towards ocean sustainability.