Instruct-ERIC & ARBRE-MOBIEU Joint Training CourseExternal

News Overview

Contact: Frederico Silva
E-mail: ffsilva [at]
Deadline: January 30, 2019
Registration website: Online application

Instruct-ERIC and ARBRE-MOBIEU (CA 15126) promote an integrated approach of structural biology and molecular-scale biophysical techniques, respectively. The two organisations wish to organize a joint training school to share their respective expertise for the benefit of a wide structural biology community. A joint call is launched to support one practical training course, to take place between September 2019 and March 2020, with a focus on improving the biophysical characterization of samples in structural biology projects.

The training school is aimed at structural biology postgraduate students and early career postdoctoral researchers, and will focus on the analysis and optimisation of sample quality for structural techniques, in particular Cryo-EM. It is widely acknowledged that improving sample quality is paramount to achieving optimal results within structural biology projects, and the selected course should provide hands-on training in molecular biophysics technologies, such as dynamic and static light scattering, viscometry, circular dichroism, mass spectrometry, differential scanning fluorimetry and calorimetry, as well as buffer optimisation methods, data analysis and interpretation of the results. Applications to host the course are open to all members of Instruct-ERIC and ARBRE-MOBIEU.