JPI Oceans Launch Knowledge Hub on the Integrated Assessment of New PollutantsExternal

News Overview

Contact: George Westmeijer
E-mail: george.westmeijer [at]
website: JPI Oceans website

The kick-off meeting for the 'Integrated Assessment of New Pollutants' Knowledge Hub took place 16-17 January 2019 in Brussels (Belgium).

The knowledge hub is a network consisting of selected experts from JPI member countries. It will look into the need to improve the methodological basis for marine chemical status assessment, e.g. by focusing on increasing the efficiency of integrated assessment methodologies.

As an outcome of this information exchange, the JPI Oceans Knowledge Hub will generate a report presenting the currently most appropriate methodologies for integrated assessments of effects of new pollutants. Further an overview of relevant improvements and refinements of existing methodologies will be given. This includes research found necessary for improved effect/hazard studies, monitoring and sampling on the level of new and emerging pollutants. It is anticipated that a set of political, economic and social dimensions will be included as the source and impact of pollutants are utterly linked with society. The report should provide specific recommendations on actions that can be initiated by JPI Oceans.

For more information on the Knowledge Hub, please follow the link to the JPI Oceans website posted above.