Junior Scientist (tenure track) or Senior Scientist in Marine Chemical OceanographyExternal

News Overview

Contact: prof. dr. Gert-Jan Reichart
E-mail: gert-jan.reichart [at] nioz.nl
website: NIOZ career portal
Deadline: November 15, 2016

The Department of Ocean System Sciences (OCS, department chair: prof. dr. Gert-Jan Reichart) in the Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research (NIOZ), the Netherlands, is looking for a highly motivated junior (tenure track) or senior Marine Chemical Oceanographer with a focus on ocean carbon cycling. Chemical oceanography will be one of the focal points within the Department of Ocean System Sciences (OCS). The chemical oceanographers will investigate cycling of carbon, nutrients and trace metals in the oceans on different spatial and temporal scales.

The position is available for a marine chemical oceanographer with a focus on ocean carbon cycling. Research topics could include, but are not limited to, ocean acidification, organismal carbon uptake mechanisms and interaction with global biogeochemical cycling.

The successful candidate will be expected to acquire research grants and to participate in (or lead) oceanographic research cruises with the Royal NIOZ research vessel R/V Pelagia. The successful candidate will also be expected to work closely together with the other members at the OCS department and contribute your knowledge in multidisciplinary projects, together with other researchers at the Royal NIOZ.