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Deadline: November 30, 2018

The Marine Institute has launched their 2018 edition of their Networking & Travel Awards. The funding programme consists of three different types of awards, all of which are open until 31 December 2018. The three different categories are as follows:

A) Host Conference / Workshop: This funding provides support for the organisation of National/International Marine Conferences or workshops held in Ireland. The grant can provide funding of up to €2,000 towards the hosting of conferences/workshops. This award is open to all legal entities on the island of Ireland with the appropriate scientific and technical qualifications and expertise to host a marine-themed Conference / Workshop.

B) Researcher Travel Awards: This award provides travel grants from Ireland to present papers/posters at international conferences/workshops held overseas, undertake a Working Visit to an international research institution overseas, or attend a marine-related Training Course overseas. The grant aid has a maximum value of €1,200 for travel outside Europe, while there is a €700 grant available for within Europe.

C) Other Networking Initiatives: Travel grants to facilitate short inward/outward visits to attend pre-application meetings, as well as grants to facilitate short inward/outward visits to facilitate Technology Transfers and networking activities by SMEs and NGOs. There is €1,200 available for travelling outisde Europe, and €750 for internal travel.

Applications must be submitted at least a month in advance of the event the applicant will be attending.