PhD Grant: Blueshell- Valorization of marine biomass- Exploring Shellfish By-products as sources of Blue BioactivitiesExternal

News Overview

Contact: Bart Sonck
E-mail: Bart.Sonck [at]
website: Job page
Deadline: March 23, 2017
Registration website: More information

The successful applicant will be involved in a research project - as PhD researcher- related to valorisation of marine biomass (ie shells from different marine organisms).

The successful applicants tasks will involve:

  • Different processing techniques to maximally explore the potential of valorisable products (ie classical extractions, fermentation, …)
  • Screening and characterization of the compounds for a battery of different bioactivities relevant for different sectors (horticultural plant stimulant, anti-fouling, food-safety, nutritional….).
  • Valorisation and evaluation of market potential of succesful bioactive compounds

The role has a three year contract, and the research will be conducted amongst a multi-disciplinary team.