PhD in The ocean’s biological pump (mesozooplankton controls on particle export)External

News Overview

Contact: Prof Phil Boyd
E-mail: Philip.Boyd [at]
website: University of Tasmania

The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies in the University of Tasmania has a PhD opportunity available in "the ocean’s biological pump (mesozooplankton controls on particle export)".

They seek a candidate to focus on a project that centres on the following topics:

  1. Environmental controls/forcing of mesozooplankton with different feeding strategies (respiration, clearance rate, growth vs temperature etc.) – on local and subantarctic species.
  2. Influence of prey concentration and quality feeding strategies on local and subantarctic species.
  3. Linking the time-series distributions of subantarctic mesozooplankton at Southern Ocean Time-Series (SOTS) site to environmental conditions at the SOTS site.

The project is funded by the Australian Research Council and the successful student will have the opportunity to work with Prof. Philip Boyd who was recently awarded a Laureate for this work.

Any person expressing an interest in this project should email both Prof Boyd and Dr Swadling during December and January due to leave.

See job description for more.