PhD on the organic certification of soil-based aquaponic systemsExternal

News Overview

Contact: Dr Benz Kotzen
E-mail: B.Kotzen [at]
Deadline: July 12, 2019
Registration website: Application

The Aquaponics Lab at the University of Greenhwich are seeking candidates for a PhD on Organic Certification of Soil-Based Aquaponic Systems. Candidates from a range of backgrounds will be considered, but must be able to demonstrate experience and an interest in food production and in particular agriculture/horticulture/aquaculture.

The research will test various ‘soils’ to identify suitable substrates for soil-based aquaponics, and at the same time test the organic accreditation system, advancing towards, if not realising, organic accreditation. The second part of the research project will be to investigate the position of aquaponics within the market, and to define an identity that enables aquaponics to be recognised as a valuable brand that provides healthy, high quality, ‘sustainable’ products that are ‘organic’ and environmentally friendly.

Applications must be made online via the link above. A full description of the PhD can be downloaded below.