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Contact: Dr Aditee Mitra
E-mail: a.mitra [at]
website: PhD in Plankton Research
Deadline: March 31, 2018

An Early Stage researcher position is available in the field of plankton research at Swansea University. The first two years of the position will focus on experimental field-work in France and data analysis and modelling implementation in Swansea. The final year secondment will be at Deltares (The Netherlands) for gaining skill-sets associated with coastal management. The postholder will be a numerate early career scientist with a good understanding of plankton ecophysiology (primary and secondary production) and an interest in developing mechanistic models to consolidate and build knowledge into a form suitable for exploring trophic dynamics and climate change impacts.

Dr Aditee Mitra will serve as the supervisor of the successful applicant, who will be tasked with exploring the ecophysiology of endosymbiotic mixotrophs (eSNCMs) such as Rhizarians and green Noctiluca that operate as planktonic greenhouses.