PhD Position Combining 236U with other multi-sourced anthropogenic tracers to study circulation patterns in the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean External

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

News Overview

Contact: Dr. Núria Casacuberta
E-mail: ncasacuberta [at]
website: ETH Zurich
Deadline: September 9, 2016


Reinforce the use of 236U as a new tool to understand ocean circulation patterns in the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean and explore the strengths of its combination with other multi-sourced anthropogenic tracers.


  • Increase data coverage of 236U in the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. Seawater samples will be analyzed from 3 expeditions covering both oceans
  • Combine 236U with other anthropogenic tracers (i.e. 129I, 137Cs, Pu-isotopes and CFC’s) to identify source regions of overflow waters and constrain sources of artificial radionuclides to the ocean
  • Empirical data interpretation by comparing to existing data together with our international collaborators (e.g. Alfred Wegener Institute, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Western University Australia, Autonomous University of Barcelona)
  • Quantitative data evaluation e.g. using budget calculations and simple conceptual models as well as a global ocean circulation model